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About | The Learning Preserve Team, Design Phases and Research Studies

The Learning Preserve | Short Game Golf Mastery, Historic Farm and Private Leisure
The Learning Preserve Team Vision

The Learning Preserve Team

Individuals tee’d up when we say go.


David Kahn

Golf Architect


Alex Hammill



Frank Rossi



Matt Fisher

Short Game Ambassador


Robert Schacht



Bootleggers Lair Estate



The Golfers Journal

Media and Community


Manish Goel

Private Club Community

Design Phases

Our master design is currently underway, structured into five distinct phases. Each phase is carefully crafted to ensure that members not only enjoy the build-out process but also witness the natural growth and nurturing of the landscape as the vision takes shape.

Our dedicated team shares a singular goal in this project: to empower our members to master challenging shots from any lie within a private, healthy, relaxed, and leisurely environment.


Organic, Chemical-Free, Pesticide-Free Agronomy - 1 of only 2 in the Country

At the Preserve, we believe in nurturing rather than destroying to achieve lush greenery. We achieve this through the application of natural organisms and biological processes, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable approach to maintaining vibrant grass.


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