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Private Oasis and Home to The Learning Preserve
Bootleggers Lair Estate - The Learning Preserve Project

Problem Worth Solving: "My Short Game Sucks"

In a golf industry where few courses prioritize short game mastery, it's evident that a gap exists in meeting the needs of players seeking to improve their scores. Recognizing this, our team embarked on a mission to innovate the landscape by repurposing an abandoned historic farm estate into an exclusive club venue dedicated to honing short game skills, farm & wildlife conservation, and providing old-fashioned intimate hospitality amongst nature's best.

Our model focuses on transforming this estate into a haven for golf enthusiasts, offering tailored experiences centered on putting, wedge play, or both. The goal is clear: to provide members with the resources and expertise needed to conquer challenging shots from any lie. We are not a golf course, we are a chemical free and pesticide free agricultural Learning Preserve that focuses on short game golf mastery, agriculture and agronomy research, and getting up and down from most anywhere. We are "AgriGolfers".

The inaugural Learning Preserve at Bootleggers Lair Estate serves as a testament to our vision. By breathing new life into this previously neglected property, we not only preserved its historical significance for the club, but also paved the way for a sustainable and profitable future.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative monetization strategies, we aim to replicate this success across other historic estates, establishing a network of premier destinations for short game mastery and intimate hospitality for Member enjoyment.


Introducing the "Undevelopment Movement," a fresh approach to managing land that emphasizes preserving and repurposing abandoned properties while honoring their natural beauty and heritage. At its core, this movement focuses on revitalizing neglected estates into intimate hubs of activity and commerce, addressing environmental, community, and revenue generation needs all at once.

Take Bootleggers Lair, for example. It showcases the essence of “Undevelopment” by pushing back against haphazard development, instead preserving natural beauty for the land's long-term benefit.

Through various initiatives like agriculture, short game golf, equestrian activities, outdoor recreation,

education, health & wellness, hospitality, and food & beverage programs, this property evolved into a symbol of sustainability and conservation, doubling as an exclusive club venue for golf enthusiast friends and community.

Motivated by a desire to reconnect with nature and balance societal progress with environmental care, the Undevelopment Movement leads the charge in a new approach to land management. By reclaiming overdeveloped or abandoned areas, advocates aim to restore ecosystems and foster community engagement.

Strategic partnerships and innovative business ventures further enhance the impact of a property like Bootleggers Lair, preserving not just historical significance but also charting a path toward. It stands as an example of innovation and inspiration, demonstrating how Undevelopment can forge a more harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world.

With the chance to replicate this success at other historic estates, Undevelopment aims to offer a network of premier destinations for our golf enthusiast members, a "teed-up" target audience for this transformative movement.


Current Alternatives:

When it comes to practicing your short game, you've got options, but not all are created equal.

Public parks, school yards, and even backyards offer space, but lack the specialized setup, space and expert guidance you may need.

Public and private courses might have practice areas, but they're often crowded and don't solely focus on short game improvement.

Video games and online tutorials are convenient, but they can't replicate real-world conditions. Standalone facilities offer simulations, but lack the random outdoor experience and in real life conditions.

Some instructors offer clinics, but they may not provide the personalized attention you're seeking or the practice environment conducive to mastering the art of short game play.

Proof of Concept:

Short Game Venues

Non-Traditional Golf Venues

Vickery Creek (View: @ 2:10 min)

Importance of Short Game Skills

Why Us?

Few golf venues and clubs in the US have dedicated short game areas, leaving many golfers without ideal training grounds. This is where we step in with something unique - the Short Game Golf Learning Preserve, with its tiers of Bootleggers Medallion Passes.

We're not just another golf spot. We're a private historic estate, offering golf enthusiasts a unique life experience and solution to short game frustrations.

With hospitality, a top-notch short game preserve, and a variety of on-site activities, perks, and relationship resources, we stand apart from the rest. Unlike bustling golf resorts and clubs, we prioritize privacy, intimacy, stewardship and a custom-curated experience.

The estate isn't just about golf; it's a place where members can stay, play, learn, and explore everything we have to offer. From our rich history and unbeatable location, to our stunning grounds and reciprocal relationships, we offer a unique experience for each of our Medallion membership tiers.

So, if you're serious about improving your short game and enjoying some life experiences, look no further. We're here to help at the Learning Preserve Project.

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The Learning Preserve Project


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