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Tier 1 (Copper) membership at the Learning Preserve is tailored for golf enthusiasts in search of excellent perks & savings, an engaging community, and a pathway to mastering the short game as a member of a distinctive, historic club, at an affordable price – as an alternative to buying another pair of golf shoes or sweater for the closet.


Introducing the exclusive Learning Preserve "Copper" Medallion – a symbol of prestige and camaraderie. This limited-edition custom masterpiece is a testament to quality and craftsmanship.


The Medallion embodies a rich legacy. With only 11,178 Medallions in global circulation, each uniquely numbered for identification, ownership goes beyond possession—it opens the door to a community of like-minded individuals, relationships and a PARTY!


The intricate design narrates the story of the project, making the Copper Medallion a gateway to relationships, savings, learning opportunities, and, most importantly, fun shenanigans. Becoming a proud owner not only grants you access to perks but also places you in an exclusive club. Join the Short Game Golf Learning Preserve and be a part of something extraordinary.


Comparison - Membership Tiers


Copper Medallion (one time) $298

Medallion Registration (one time) $125

Member Dues: $5 Monthly

Total Medallion Circulation: 11,178 Why?

Renewal Term: 2 Year Membership

Cost of Renewal: Dues Only

TEIR 1 PASS | Copper Medallion


    FREE:  Welcome Gift


    FREE:  Lottery Access to the Stay, Play, Learn Explore Experiences at the Membership Estate


    FREE:  Private Invitation to the "Bootleggers Bash", scheduled for Fall each year. Members Only


    FREE:  Discounted Club Swag and Vintage Offerings Procured From Friends of Bootleggers Lair Estate


    FREE:  Access to discounts and offerings from partner facilities, stores, and entertainment relationships worldwide


    FREE:  Voting rights on Club business and opportunities


    FREE:  Quarterly - "AgriGolfer" Chronicle


    FREE:  Right of refusal on future Medallions offerings and accompanying perks


    FREE:  Showing off golf's coolest piece of Swag and your Short Game, as a Member of the Learning Preserve at Bootleggers Lair Estate.

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