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Tier 2 (Silver) membership builds upon Tier 1 (Copper), offering golfers enhanced benefits for premium experiences. Silver members enjoy exclusive perks like participation in the Dividend Program, discounted access to private instruction, invitations to local and nationwide events, and priority access to the prestigious "Gold" Membership Medallion.


With savings on top brands, premium instruction, and enhanced access, Silver membership is the ideal choice for golfers seeking elevated experiences and enhanced privileges – as an alternative to buying a new driver to squeak out a few more yards of distance.


Silver Medallion (one time) $719

Medallion Registration (one time): $125

Member Dues: $15 Monthly

Total Medallion Circulation: 1,500 Why?

Renewal Term: 2 Year Membership

Cost of Renewal: Dues Only


Comparison - Membership Tiers

TIER 2 PASS | Silver Medallion

  • Everything in the "Copper" Membership PLUS!


    FREE:  Medallion Coin and participation in the  Dividend Program


    FREE:  Discounted access to private instruction from Short Game Golf Masters


    FREEInvitation to clinics, playdates & learning opportunities (virtual, on-premise, nationwide)


    FREE:  Discounted access to a golf portfolio of reciprocal courses and leisure experiences


    FREE:  Invitation to Learning Preserve sponsored events, fun shenanigans and culinary experiences around the Country


    FREE: Discounted access to Long Island “Stay, Play, Learn, Explore” golf packages


    FREE:  First right to the “Gold” Membership Medallion – which provides priority access to the Preserve, enhanced member rights, and enhanced dividend participation.

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