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Tier 3 (Gold) membership stands as the apex of membership at the Learning Preserve, offering golfers an unmatched level of exclusivity and access. Building upon the benefits of Copper and Silver tiers, Gold membership introduces an elevated array of perks such as an Enhanced Dividend Program and expanded access to the Learning Preserve and Estate.


Moreover, Gold members hold the esteemed privilege of first refusal on future Membership Medallions and the Quests they represent, signifying their integral role in shaping the club's future endeavors.


Additionally, Gold membership opens doors to reciprocal venues across the United States and international destinations, providing a global network of golfing opportunities. With these distinctive benefits, Gold membership epitomizes the pinnacle of prestige and privilege within the club.


Gold Medallion (one time) $10,189

Medallion Registration (one time): $125

Member Dues: $25 Monthly

Total Medallion Circulation: 50  Why?

Renewal Term: 2 Year Membership

Cost of Renewal: Dues Only


Comparison - Membership Tiers

TIER 3 PASS | Gold Medallion

  • Everything in the "Copper" and "Silver" Membership...PLUS!


    FREEEnhanced Dividend Program


    FREEEnhanced access to the Learning Preserve and Estate


    FREEFirst right of refusal on future Membership Medallions representing new club projects, enterprises and or acquisitions


    FREEReciprocal venues in the United States and international destinations like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.


    FREE:  And more

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