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About | Three Membership Tiers, Each With Their Own Perks and Value

Learning Preserve | Three Membership Tiers, Each With Their Own Perks and Value
Three Membership Tiers




Tier 1 ("Party & Perks") membership at the Learning Preserve is tailored for golf enthusiasts in search of excellent perks & savings, an engaging community, and a pathway to mastering the short game as a member of a distinctive, historic club, at an affordable price.


  • FREE: Copper Medallion

  • FREE: 1 Membership Share (Club Equity)

  • FREE: Treasure Hunt Map for Silver Medallions

  • FREE: Invitation to the Annual "Bootleggers Bash"

  • FREE: Lottery Access | "Pay-to-Play" | Preserve Daily Rate

  • FREE: Quarterly "AgriGolfer" Chronicle

  • FREE: Discounted Club Swag & Vintage Offerings

  • FREE: Access to Partner Discounts and Offerings

  • FREE: Tier Select Access to Future Medallion Offerings

  • FREE: Own a part of Golf and American History (Literally!)

  • FREE: Private club access trial (Note: Must be an existing private club member)

  • FREE: Voting Rights





Tier 2 ("Party, Perks & Play") membership builds upon Tier 1, offering golfers enhanced benefits for premium experiences. Tier 2 members enjoy enhanced perks, access to private instruction and the learning preserve, invitations to local and nationwide events, and priority access to the prestigious "Gold" Tier 3 Membership Medallion.


With savings on top brands, premium instruction, and enhanced access, Tier 2 membership is the ideal choice for golfers seeking elevated experiences and enhanced privileges.


  • FREE: Silver Medallion

  • FREE: 4 Membership Shares (Club Equity)

  • FREE: Includes Tier 1 "Party & Perks"

  • FREE: Scheduled Access | "Pay-to-Play" | Preserve Daily Rate

  • FREE: Access to Short Game Golf Masters

  • FREE: Treasure Hunt Map for Gold Medallions

  • FREE: Access to clinics - virtual and onsite

  • FREE: Access to reciprocal courses & experiences

  • FREE: Access to Preserve events & culinary experiences

  • FREE: Access to “Stay, Play, Learn, Explore” opportunities

  • FREE: Enhanced Voting Rights





Tier 3 ("Party, Perks, Play & Adventure") membership stands as the apex of membership at the Learning Preserve, offering an unmatched level of exclusivity and access. Building upon the benefits of Tier 1 and 2, Tier 3 membership introduces an elevated array of perks and priority access to the Learning Preserve and Estate. Moreover, Tier 3 members hold the esteemed privilege of first refusal on future Membership Medallions and the adventure they represent, signifying their integral role in shaping the club's future endeavors.

Additionally, Tier 3 membership opens doors to reciprocal venues across the United States and international destinations, providing a global network of golfing and social opportunities. With these distinctive benefits, Tier 3 membership epitomizes the pinnacle of prestige and privilege within the club.


  • FREE: Gold Medallion

  • FREE: 20 Preferred Membership Shares (Club Equity)

  • FREE: Includes Tier 1 and 2 "Party, Perks & Play"

  • FREE: Unlimited Access | "Pay-to-Play" | Preserve Daily Rate

  • FREE: Access 3,500+ Private Clubs, 40 Countries, 84 Top 100

  • FREE: Priority access to the Club portfolio of offerings

  • FREE: 12,000+ Private Global Golfers Hooking Each Other Up

  • FREE: 1st right of refusal: Future Membership Medallions

  • FREE: 1st right of refusal: Ltd. Ed. "Bootleggers Vault" Medallion - $125k (Club Equity)

  • FREE: Preferred Voting Rights



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