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About | What is a Membership Share? | The Value of Your Medallion

Learning Preserve  | What is a Membership Share? | The Value of Your Medallion
Membership Share

Membership Share and the Value of Your Medallion

Key Points:

Membership Share Definition:

In the realm of Bootleggers Lair and the Learning Preserve, a membership share is represented by a physical medallion, signifying a vested interest in the club's future.

Financial Stake:

Medallion holders have a significant stake in the club. If the club is ever sold or if any financial distributions are made, medallion holders may participate in the proceeds after financial obligations are settled, depending on their membership tier.

Physical Medallion:

The medallion serves as a tangible token of membership, affirming members' participation in club decisions and activities.

Membership Responsibilities:

Members are required to pay annual dues and a one-time joining fee, adhere to club regulations, and maintain good standing to access membership privileges.

Value Appreciation | Membership Medallions: Rarity and Demand

The value of a medallion increases with the club's financial health and prestige, making it highly sought after by prospective members. The limited number of Membership Medallions ensures a small supply against potentially high demand.

With over 8 billion people in the world and only 27,750 medallions available for all, they are a rare commodity.

Phase I - Total Medallions Being Released Into Global Circulation:

Tier 1: 11,178 Copper Medallions

(Average of only 1 in 715,692 people will own one)

Tier 2: 1,500 Silver Medallions

(Average of only 1 in 5,333,333 people will own one)

Tier 3: 100 Gold Medallions

(Average of only 1 in 80,000,000 people will own one)

Total Medallions Retained for Future Opportunities:

Tier 1: 13,972 Copper Medallions

Tier 2: 1,875 Silver Medallions

Tier 3: 125 Gold Medallions

This rarity ensures that each medallion holds significant value and exclusivity, reflecting the esteemed status of membership in our club.

Benefits in Closure:

In the event of the club's closure, members retain their medallions and may still enjoy substantial benefits, perks, and relationships, underscoring the enduring worth of their membership.

This encapsulates the essence of how a membership share and medallion operate within our private club, highlighting their financial, symbolic, and practical significance.

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